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Green Homes Grant

Added at 10:08 on 21 June 2021

Green Homes Grant - Local Authority Delivery scheme

A government backed scheme delivered by local authorities to improve the energy efficiency of eligible households for free.


green homes grant

This grant helps residents by improving the warmth and comfort of their homes, whilst also reducing energy bills, carbon emissions and levels of fuel poverty across the county.

The scheme is delivered by our partner, E.ON. You don't need to be an E.ON customer to apply. It aims to raise the energy efficiency of low energy performance homes, including off-gas grid homes. It is available to homeowners (owner occupiers) only.

Eligible homes could receive the following:

  • External wall insulation
  • Air Source Heat Pumps (low carbon heating)
  • Solar panels (renewable electricity generation)
  • Energy efficient doors/windows
  • Smart heating controls
  • Cavity insulation
  • Loft insulation


To be eligible, one of these must apply:

  • your household’s annual income is under £30,000 gross


  • your household qualifies via one of the following local authority Flexible Eligibility criteria:
    • your household income (after tax) is below the corresponding thresholds based on the number of children (anyone aged under 18) living at the address:
    • Up to 2 children - £30,800
    • 3 or more children - £40,260


  • you’re in receipt of any of the following benefits:
    • Pension credit guarantee or savings credit element
    • Income related or contributions based employment and support allowance (ESA)
    • Income or contribution based job seeker's allowance (JSA)
    • Income support
    • Working and child tax credits
    • Universal credit
    • Armed forces independence payment
    • Attendance allowance
    • Disability living allowance
    • Severe disablement allowance
    • War pensions mobility supplement
    • Industrial injuries disablement benefit
    • Personal independence payment
    • Constant attendance allowance
    • Council tax support (not where only single occupant reduction applies)


  • you receive child benefit - as long as your annual income from all sources doesn't exceed the amounts below:
  Single claimant Member of a couple
1 child £18,500 £25,500
2 children £23,000 £30,000
3 children £27,500 £34,500
4 children £32,000 £39,000


Not eligible

If you don't meet the eligibility criteria but you’re interested in support for other measures, don't worry. There are other schemes which may be able to help, so get in touch with E.ON and see how they can help you. Alternatively, visit Energy efficiency grants for a summary of schemes currently available.

Apply for the grant

E.ON will handle all enquiries.

All improvement works to your home must be completed by 31 September 2021 in order to qualify for funding via this scheme. 

Home survey

An E.ON contractor will visit you to determine what improvements are suitable for your home.


Your home will receive the required works from a Trustmark registered contractor to improve its energy efficiency rating.


E.ON will continue to provide you with ongoing support. The scheme also includes warranties and guarantees with applicable terms and conditions in accordance with the measures installed per job.