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Osbaston Parish Council

Annual Parish Meeting Called

Added at 23:38 on 10 May 2022




Old School Hall, Church Lane, Barlestone,


Monday 16th May 2022 at 7:30pm





  1. Welcome by the Chairman
  2. Chairman’s report on Parish Council activities over the last year
  3. Presentations from Community Groups and Organisations
  4. Questions from Parishioners
  5. Closing Summary


The Annual Parish Meeting is a SEPARATE meeting where the Parish Council reports to its electorate on what it has accomplished in the preceding year. It is open to all electors of Sutton Cheney Parish who have the right to speak on any matter of local interest.

This meeting is being convened under the Local Government Act 1972 section 14


Cllr David Sanderson

Chairman of Osbaston Parish Council

Dated 10th May 2022